The Nilkamal Success Story

  • The Nilkamal Sales team received an inquiry for a diesel forklift from a customer who dealt in Textiles, Paper, Rubber, Exporters, and Scrap Handlers in Vapi.
  • During our visit to their plant, our team did a thorough walkthrough, and during this walkthrough, we found that the customer was struggling to cope with the unloading of rubber scrap from the container. They had deployed eight labours to manually unload the scrap and drag it to the entrance of the container and, from there, used forklifts to handle the scrap. This resulted in deploying more manpower, and it took about two hours to unload one container.
  • We proposed Mobile Dock to the customer and explained to them the advantages of doing away with additional manpower and completing the job in much lesser time. After going through the details, the customer got convinced and decided to buy one Mobile Dock. Once the equipment was deployed, the customer noticed that they could unload the container in 20 mins with much less manpower.
  • They went in for a second Mobile Dock the very next year.
  • Based on this experience, we decided to explore similar opportunities with other customers who have similar operations of container loading/unloading at their plants and with more exports for container loading activities. We also focused on textile units and paper and rubber industries to promote this product with a good success rate.
  • Now that we have a very good database of satisfied customers, we utilise them for demo reference while working on new requirements. This helps us in overcoming the competition easily and also to close the deals at a better price.