The Nilkamal Storage System Case Study

  • The Nilkamal team received an inquiry for racking storage of finished goods with a suitable MHE in a COLD store for prawns, shrimps, ice cream, and sliced fruits & vegetables. The client is one of the biggest in providing services to various industries. This includes steamer, stevedoring, clearing & forwarding custom house agency, cargo handling & warehousing, container repairing and servicing, transportation, logistics, and liaison services to a wide range of industries, such as fertilizers, fertilizer raw materials, aluminum, waste and recycling materials, chemicals and pharma, food grains, coal, iron ore, steel, cement, petroleum products, paper, explosive, coir, cotton, sugar, and other industries.
  • They were already maintaining a fleet of ~40 forklifts of all brands for the past ten years. They proposed to build cold rooms for ice creams, seafood, fruits, and vegetables in Vizag for the purpose of renting it out. Their priority was mainly Seafood.
  • We introduced them to the concept of efficient storage and retrieval with Double Deep along with the Aisle-Master. We required only 2600 mm Aisle space for the operation of Double deep to get more pallet locations compared with any other combo.
  • When we received the inquiry, we met the Executive Director, who was also the decision-maker. We gave him the reference of the other installations in the area, took him for site visits, and made some changes in the pallet orientation and aisle space, and with` a telescopic AM, we could achieve 3312 PP – which was 828 more PP (500 MT more storage area). He was very receptive, pragmatic, and supportive of our idea. The customer was so happy that the additional pallet position, which we proposed, would cover his entire electricity, charges, and labour.
  • We supplied them with DDPSS along with 2xAM. They are going for further expansion, and we are sure to be with them for all their future requirements.