The Nilkamal Storage System Case Study

  • One of the leading Cold store rental partners for shrimp & other frozen food items & FMCG products in Vishakhapatnam required Double Deep Racking for storage, with a suitable MHE in + 5 to -20 COLD Store.
  • The client was our first-time customer. They wanted a Rental Cold store business based on FMCG & some seafood industry relations. They don’t have EPCG to get other countries’ products. So they approached all local partners. Based on their relations with other cold store customers, they proposed Drive Inn racking.
  • We introduced them to the concept of efficient storage and retrieval with Double deep along with Aisle-Master at cold store rental chain business. We calculated all SKUs L x W x H to avoid further complications. We require only 2600 mm Aisle space for the operation of Double deep to get more pallet locations as compared to any other combo.
  • We did a site visit and did some minor changes in the layout design to get optimum use of pallet location with our DDPSS solution and AM. We also designed layouts as per required aisle space only, achieved more pallet quantity, maintained regular follow-up with PUF panels supplier and other suppliers to get customer’s confidence, and took information about all SKUs because of its rental chain business.
  • We explained to them about the delivery of AM, and based on that customer released the order.