Educating customer regarding new trends in storage systems and winning their confidence

  • One of the leading “Shrimp Processing and Integrated Cold Chain Infrastructure Development” companies in Odisha has a corporate office & an upcoming fish processing and cold warehouse in the coastal district of Balasore.
  • One of the major challenges was the traditional mindset of the customer regarding the storage system. The Balasore area is a coastal belt with many shrimp processors/exporters. Although they have been our IP customers for a long, we could not convey the concept of efficient storage and retrieval.
  • We wanted to introduce DDPSS with an Aisle-Master in that area, which could become a showpiece for future projects which may come up in the area. A blessing in disguise was that the Cold room consultant with whom we had worked on many projects in AP was the consultant in this project, too, and he was very helpful at every stage.
  • Upon receiving the inquiry, we first invited them to visit our installations at Vizag and Vijayawada. We also shared the contact details of the customers so that they could obtain a candid opinion on the performance of our installations. Once they were mentally prepared to accept our solution, we gave them a solution in the form of DDPSS, with 2544 PP against their original expectation of 2160 PP. The additional storage volume of 384 PP (230 Tons of finished goods in the same area) gave them the leverage to spend an additional amount on Aisle-Master as opposed to the reach truck.
  • Additionally, we also gave them an underpass solution for the first time in this area so that customers will save up to 3 lakhs by not installing an additional door. Higher throughput against Pantograph increased the efficiency of the labour working under -20 deg. Temperature.
  • Absolute teamwork by Nilkamal and professional handing off the inquiry by our sales team won us an order of 2 AM Trucks along with a DDPSS Racking order.