Nilkamal Case Study

  • The client belonged to the safety equipment industry in Mumbai and needed an Economical Stacker for their facility. During the discussion with the project team, it was understood that they wanted to store the material in a racking system. But due to space constraints, they wanted a racking system with Gr+3 for a warehouse with a clear height of 3.8m meter.
  • The customer started the discussion with their requirement for Semi Electric Stacker for storing material in racking. We explained to them that at the stacking level of 3200mm, it would be difficult to control the movement & positioning of the Semi-Electric stacker at that place. Because once Semi Electric stacker comes into movement, it is then difficult to stop manual movement in the racking area at the desired location due to less friction between wheels & surface in Kota flooring. To overcome this drawback, we proposed our new model, NK-ECL1035, which is Electric Pedestrian Stacker.
  • It is ideal for light-duty application, easy replacement of fully electric stacker against semi-electric and for small warehouse, fewer pallet locations and tight aisle space due to small turning radius.
We also listed the advantages of the Electric Pedestrian Stacker were also presented to the client as follows:
  • The four-wheel with the drive wheel offsetting design ensures safe and easy operation, especially order picking from a height.
    • Using a multifunctional imported electric control system, operation and maintenance is more convenient, improving the stability of the whole vehicle.
    • Imported power meter, automatic, reducing driving speed when electricity is in shortage.
    • High-efficiency DC drive wheel with strong power, equipped with the electromagnetic brake system to improve the safety performance of the whole vehicle.
    • Driving speed will be automatically cut down when lifting height is more than 3000mm, ensuring security.
    • A high-power pump motor reduces lifting time, improving working efficiency. The slowing down speed will automatically cut down when heavily loaded, placing the pallet.
    • Inbuilt charger(24V/10A) – Simple appearance design, generous, functional good storing space.
A quick and proper solution to the client proved instrumental in getting this order.