Installing an ADD SAT Shuttle Racking System at Grasim Industries: The Nilkamal Success Story

In 2018, The Nilkamal Sales Team in Vilayat, Bharuch sold a custom made ADD SAT Shuttle Racking System Grasim Industries at Bharuch. Grasim Industries Limited is the flagship company of the Aditya Birla Group. It started as a textile’s manufacturer in India in 1947. Today, it is a leading global player inVSF. The Company entered into the Chemicals business to manufacture Caustic Soda, an input for VSF. The business has grown multi- fold and today Grasim is the largest caustic soda producer in India with a capacity of 938 KTPA in FY18. It also produces a range of chlorine derivative products and epoxy. Further to an inquiry and a layout drawing we received from the IP sales person in January 2018, our first meeting with Grasim Industries was held in February 2018 wherein we presented Nilkamal as a one stop solution for warehousing & material handling needs. Prior to this meeting, we had noticed when the drawing was submitted that the customer was not aware of the different solutions which would be implemented. Their existing process was of a ground block storage with required self-stacking, as pallet placement requires skill and judgement the operations were slow which in turn reduced the overall throughput of the warehouse. Due to the existing process, the customer was not able to store more than 600 pallet locations and they also had to deal with identifying the products due to manual block stacking. After carefully studying the problem, we proposed the solution of: a. SAT ADD Shuttle Racking System which will increase storage, the speed of selection of pallets, reduce costs and damages.

Nilkamal Storage System Case Study

We suggested the Shuttle Racking System to Grasim Industries which will allow storage in one lane and make all level pallets accessible, thus increasing the speed of selection of pallets. This efficient system reduces the dependency on MHE, thus reducing chances of accidents and damages. The system also enables to utilise the vertical height thus increasing the storage from 500-600 pallets to 1900 pallets which is 40% more than the earlier storage. Since, Pallets are simply placed at the front of the system and the shuttle works automatically, the system increases the speed of selection of pallets and this in turn increases the overall efficiency levels at the warehouse. Live Photos: